Building a Simple Web Browser Using ActiveX

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This VI uses a Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX container to create a simple Web Browser in LabVIEW. You type the URL in a location input and LabVIEW navigates to it. You can navigate back, forward, reload, and search, and the VI keeps a running history list that you can use in a run-time menu.

As of LabVIEW 7.1 a more simple example can be found in LabVIEW's Example Finder under Communicating with External Applications»ActiveX»General»ActiveX Event callback for IE.

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Customer Reviews
3 Reviews | Submit your review

Making this an exe? - May 29, 2013

How can I make this an exe? I have used this in part of my software, when I build an application and install on a machine, all I can see is a white box where my webpage should be. What additional installers do I need to include and is there any other settings I need to change?

 - Apr 21, 2008

The example is too old for 8.5 to open. This needs to be updated.

Internet Explorer vs. Mozilla - Apr 27, 2006

This VI uses the Internet Explorer to browse the web. If someone doesn't want to use IE he can use mozilla with the same vi. Just change the ActiveX-Control to "MozillaBrowser Class" after you have installed the Mozilla ActiveX-Control from:

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