Building a Calculator with a LabVIEW XControl

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This example demonstrates how to use a LabVIEW XControl. The Calculator XControl can manipulate values similar to a handheld calculator. The value of the XControl is the current calculated value shown in Output.

Open the Calculator XControl Project included with this example to see the configuration of the XControl. The project includes the XControl VIs and controls, as well as the Calculator Example VI that implements the XControl.


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Customer Reviews
3 Reviews | Submit your review

Excellent and well documented  - Feb 9, 2017

I do not know how you articulated this example. I took so much time to even understand what is implemented. Kudos

  - Mar 23, 2013

Brilliant demo of an Xcontrol

Awesome..  - Jul 2, 2010

This is great piece of work...!!

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Calculator XControl



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