Finite Measurement Sample Project Documentation

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The Finite Measurement sample project acquires a finite measurement and provides options for exporting the measurement to disk. This sample project is designed as a state machine that can perform the following actions:

  • Initializing hardware and the user interface (Initialize state)
  • Handling user interactions (Wait for Event state)
  • Updating the user interface (Update UI state)
  • Configuring the application (Configure state)
  • Acquiring data from hardware (Acquire state)
  • Loading data from a .lvm file (Load Data state)
  • Saving data to a .lvm file (Save Data state)
  • Exporting data to a tab-delimited text file (Export Data state)
  • Clearing data from the graph (Clear Data state)
  • Applying custom analysis to the data (Analyze state)
  • Copying an image of the graph to the clipboard (Copy Graph state)
  • Stopping the application and saving your settings to disk (Stop state)

This sample project is based on the Simple State Machine template. Refer to the Simple State Machine template and its documentation, available from the Create Project dialog box, for information about how this template works.

1. Locating the Finite Measurement Sample Project and Documentation in LabVIEW

Complete the following steps to locate this sample project:

  1. Select File»Create Project to open the Create Project dialog box. You also can click the Create Project button on the Getting Started window.
  2. Double-click Finite Measurement and configure the new project.
  3. Click Finish. LabVIEW displays the Project Explorer window.
  4. To open the main VI of the sample project, double-click in the Project Explorer window.

To access the documentation for this sample project, double-click Project Documentation»Finite Measurement Documentation.html in the Project Explorer window.

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