Top 10 Clean Energy Business Opportunities

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Clean energy is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world, creating a variety of technical and business opportunities for entrepreneurial engineers. This document introduces 10 of the top clean energy business opportunities that address important industry needs in the smart grid, wind, solar, biomass and energy storage markets along with valuable content that will:

1. Help you create a business plan in one of these top 10 clean energy areas.

2. Demonstrate hardware and software prototyping tools from National Instruments to use to quickly develop a functional prototype in order to demonstrate your product and technology to investors and management and obtain valuable customer feedback.

3. Highlight clean technology companies already making an impact in these areas.

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1. Smart grid electrical power analyzer and phasor measurement unit (PMU) Resources

>>Prototyping Power Tools: Power Monitoring Starter Kit with NI CompactRIO

>>Successful Cleantech Company:  ELCOM CompactRIO power quality analyzer

2. Wind Turbine Control System Resources

>>Getting Started: Wind Energy Essential Technologies for Test, Control, and Monitoring

>>Prototyping Power Tools: Control System Design and Deployment for Wind Applications

>>Advanced Training: NI CompactRIO Developers Guide

>>Successful Cleantech Company: WindLift Kite Engine tethered wind energy generator

3. Wind Turbine Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance System Resources

>>Getting Started: On-line Condition Monitoring for Wind Applications

>>Prototyping Power Tools: Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring Reference Design

>>Successful Cleantech Company: FAG ProCheck Intelligent Online Wind Turbine Monitoring System

4. Wind Turbine Drivetrain Dynamometer Test System Resources

>>White Paper: Creating Real-Time Testing Applications with NI VeriStand

>>Prototyping Power Tools: Dynamometer Starter Kit

>>Successful Cleantech Company: Wineman Technology Dynamometer Test Systems

5. Wind Turbine Regulatory Compliance Test System Resources

>>Tutorials: Wind Energy Technical Library

>>Successful Cleantech Company: DELTA Wind Turbine Noise Emissions Test System

>>Successful Cleantech Company: Energy To Quality Mobile Voltage Dip Test System for Wind Turbines

6. Biomass or Biofuels Process Control System Resources

>>LabVIEW Examples: Process Dynamics and Control

>>Prototyping Power Tools: LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control

>>Successful Cleantech Company: Integrated Biochem Converts Agricultural Waste to Fuel  

7. Solar Cell I-V Characterization and Machine Vision Inspection System Resources

>>Tutorial:  Photovoltaic Cell I-V Characterization Theory

>>Prototyping Power Tools: LabVIEW Toolkit for Solar Cell I-V Characterization

>>Prototyping Power Tools: Machine Vision Inspection Technology

>>Successful Cleantech Company: Movitherm Solar-Check Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

8. Solar Power Plant Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance System Resources

>>Getting Started: Solar Energy Essential Technologies

>>Prototyping Power Tools: Wireless Sensor Networking Technology

>>Prototyping Power Tools: Turn Raw Data into Engineering Intelligence

>>Successful Cleantech Company: infiniRel Inverter Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance System

9. Sun Tracking Control System Resources

>>Getting Started: NI CompactRIO Reconfigurable Control & Monitoring System

>>Prototyping Power Tools: Dual Axis Sun Tracking Starter Kit

>>Successful Cleantech Company: Tribal Engineering Intelligent Control Toolkit for LabVIEW (ICTL)

10. Energy Storage Device Performance Characterization System Resources

>>Getting Started: Essential Technologies for Energy Storage Research

>>Tutorial: Rechargeable Battery Testing with the NI PXI-4130 Power SMU

>>Successful Cleantech Company: SolRayo Potentiostat Electrochemical Test System

Additional Resources & Events:

>>View Information About the NI Green Engineering Grant Program


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