Energy Storage Systems

Vehicle Projects Controls the World's Largest Fuel-Cell Hybrid Locomotive with NI LabVIEW and CompactRIO

Tim Erickson
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"We chose LabVIEW and CompactRIO because the NI C Series modules with integrated signal conditioning helped us implement fast monitoring of the various I/O points while connecting to a wide range of specialty sensors such as flowmeters and pressure sensors."

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Energy storage systems (ESSs) and renewable energy sources are critical technologies that combine to create power generation and transportation. ESSs also need to be renewable. There are many types of ESSs including chemical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal. The focus in this section is on electrochemical and electric ESSs such as batteries, fuel cells, capacitors, and super capacitors or ultra capacitors. NI technologies are used to research, design, test, and deploy ESSs that range from fuel cells for automotive applications to large-scale battery tests with Exide Industries Limited.

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Whether you are using hydrogen, electrical, chemical, or mechanical forms, storing large amounts of energy for cyclical sources of power, such as wind, solar, and hybrid vehicle regeneration, is a challenge. Various technologies are emerging, including arrays of batteries, fuel cells, and ultra capacitors. These systems present new challenges in simulation, test, control, and monitoring. Discover how NI products can reduce cost and time to market in these areas by providing a uniform platform across the life cycle of an energy storage system (ESS).

Embedded Control Systems

NI CompactRIO is ideal for energy storage systems. Select the appropriate chassis, controller, and modules for your application and let the CompactRIO advisor recommend the necessary components and accessories to complete your system.

  • Customize your system by choosing only the components you need
  • Integrated bus communication for control or status logging - CAN, serial, and Ethernet
  • Third-party modules are available from NI Alliance Partners for special needs

Build Your System

Measurement and Logging Systems

Turn your PC into an instrument with USB or PCI Express data acquisition devices.

  • Data acquisition system with quality measurements
  • System ranging from low-channel counts to high-channel counts
  • High-performance options for sensor measurements and faster I/O

Build Your System

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NI solutions partners are companies involved in the delivery of NI products as solutions or companies that provide complementary software and hardware products.

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Benefits of Using NI

  • Achieve high-quality data with reduced noise using best-in-class data acquisition systems
  • Reduce cost and time to market in simulation, test, control, and monitoring
  • Either build your own solution or use turnkey solutions provided by NI Alliance Partners

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