CompactRIO Single-Board Controller

Analog and Digital I/O, 266 MHz CPU, 64 MB DRAM, 128 MB Storage, 1M Gate FPGA CompactRIO Single-Board Controller—The sbRIO-9641 is an embedded controller that integrates a real-time processor, a user-reconfigurable FPGA, and I/O on a single printed circuit board (PCB). The sbRIO-9641 is designed to be easily embedded in high-volume OEM applications that require flexibility, reliability, and high performance. This controller features three connectors for nonenclosed C Series I/O modules, one Ethernet port, and one serial port. The sbRIO-9641 has thirty-two 16-bit analog inputs, four 16-bit analog outputs, 110 3.3 V digital I/O lines, thirty-two 24 V digital inputs, and thirty-two 24 V digital outputs.

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