What Is SystemLink™ Server?

SystemLink Server provides a centralized, web-based interface that simplifies the process of configuring test systems, deploying software and monitoring system health.

Explore SystemLink Server Features

SystemLink Server is software that improves operational efficiency by automating the manual process of configuring test systems and deploying software. Monitor and manage system health with customizable dashboards and alarms with notifications. Using a centralized, web-based interface, it easily scales from a single lab to test sites spanning multiple geographic locations. SystemLink allows teams to manage testers without being physically located at the test site.  It provides out-of-the-box support for NI hardware and software with an extensible architecture to manage all 3rd party components.

What Can I Do with SystemLink Server?

SystemLink Server provides the core components for managing your systems, deploying software, and monitoring system and test data. Learn more about how to improve your operational efficiency and gain engineering insights below.

Configure Systems and Deploy Software

Automate and optimize the typically manual process of system configuration tasks, such as software deployment, device management, and diagnostics.

Monitor System Health and Performance

Improve system uptime and performance with centralized monitoring services, configurable alarms, and an email notification workflow.

Create Custom Dashboards and Remote Operator Interfaces

Accelerate the development of real-time monitoring applications and remote operator interfaces with high-performance data services and configuration-based graphical design tools.

Software Benefits

Standard Service Program

Every purchase offers a renewable, one-year membership to the Standard Service Program (SSP) for software. SSP membership includes the following:

  • Live phone and email technical support from local, degreed engineers
  • Automatic version updates to SystemLink Server
  • 24/7 access to selected online training and virtual demonstrations


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