How Do I Manage and Mine Data With DataFinder Server?

DataFinder Server helps you search and manage your team's measurement data regardless of location or file type with automated data standardization and an automatically built, searchable index that anyone can use to find the data they need.

See What You Can Do With DataFinder Server

As the data you acquire grows exponentially, it can be difficult for teams to search and manage it for useful information. You and your team can save time and effort in finding the data you need with DataFinder Server. You can automate data standardization and enrichment, quickly find your data using an automatically built search index, and seamless scale to larger deployments for worldwide organizations.


Automatically Prepare Your Data From Multiple Sources for Queries and Analysis

Data from various sources may use different units and nomenclatures or be corrupt. Automatically standardize metadata, verify data quality, and convert to Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) to ensure data is consistent regardless of origin.

Quickly Access and Search Your Group's Measurement Data

DataFinder Server automatically indexes files of any type located anywhere on your network. The whole team can access the group's measurement data at one time with full-text or parametric search options using DIAdem, LabVIEW, or a web client.

Scale Data Access and Searching to Global Teams

DataFinder Server is backed by industry-standard technology and can handle terabytes of data. Set up a federation to link multiple servers so global teams can access one source of data. Create your own or connect to existing ASAM ODS servers.