How Do I Analyze Data With Analysis Server?

Analysis Server helps you analyze more of your data and drive maximum insight from it by automating post-processing scripts on a server.

See What You Can Do With Analysis Server

Analysis Server helps you and your team automate data analysis and report generation on a server. You can make data-driven decisions with confidence by reusing DIAdem and Python scripts created by team domain experts, interactively setting up logic and triggering options to decide when analysis scripts run, and using multiple options for server configuration.


Intelligently Analyze New Files and Generate Reports Automatically

Analysis Server automates analysis and report generation. You can upload DIAdem and Python scripts, choose triggering and logic options for controlling when and what scripts execute, and use the web manager or REST API to set up and deploy tasks.

Standardize Analysis and Reporting for Your Team

Analysis Server improves data analysis and reporting for teams. You can upload up to 10,000 scripts created by domain experts for your team to use. You can also use admin accounts to limit access for configuring and managing tasks, and add more parallelized tasks as your team's needs grow.