Big Analog Data™ Solutions

Explore the tools and systems available to capture, save, search, and use more of your Big Analog Data findings to go from sensor to decision, no matter where the decision needs to takes place.

Data Management Solutions

Big Analog Data Solutions for Data-Driven Decisions

NI introduced the Big Analog Data concept in 2012 but for nearly 20 years has been helping businesses better manage their data. Big Analog Data solutions include big data for engineers and scientists that’s measured from analog phenomena like light and motion. Extracting accurate and meaningful insights from such large amounts of data brings new challenges to data analysis, search, integration, reporting, and system maintenance that must be overcome to keep pace with the exponential growth of data. 

Benefits of Big Analog Data solutions

Reduced Number and Cost of Tests

You can reduce the number and cost of tests required to make precise data-driven decisions by gathering more insight with automatic data collection, indexing, and analysis.

Shortened Time to Market

Get to market faster with NI’s proven solutions that take advantage of easy-to-configure and scalable software as well as tight software/hardware integration.

Never Miss a Data Point

Whether through nanosecond analytics at the edge or intelligent analysis applied to your data, every data point is collected and analyzed.

Improved Data Traceability

You get the ultimate level of traceability by knowing exactly where your data came from, how it was processed, and how it was used.

Creating Solutions for Big Analog Data Applications