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Cost, availability, and safety make testing aerospace and defense systems in real-world settings impractical. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation can virtually test embedded technologies like single-board computers and electronic chassis.

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Success in the aerospace and defense industry demands that you deliver a high-uptime product with zero quality escapes. To reduce cost and ensure system reliability, engineers use HIL simulation to test embedded systems virtually before running higher risk, more expensive, and time-consuming real-world tests. NI’s test solutions empower reliable testing with a flexible, software-defined platform that drives down schedule risk by replacing custom design and integration effort with modular commercial off-the-shelf components and interfaces. With this approach, you can augment your current investments with newer and more widely available technology that is actively proven through global use. With the flexibility and breadth of the NI platform, you can use the same hardware and software to test advanced RF applications, signal intelligence, software defined radios, avionics systems, flight controllers, and more.

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Minimize Schedule Risk for LRU Testing

Learn how NI and its partners are focused on accelerating the process of building an aerospace LRU test system, so you can focus on what matters more—using your expertise to produce an optimized product.