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Engaging Engineering

Put theory into practice through hands-on learning

Do Engineering

Hands-on learning is what solidifies the comprehension of theoretical concepts and prepares students for careers and advanced research. Skills learned in the classroom paired with platforms that scale to industry prepare students to become the innovators of tomorrow. Learn how the same industry-leading NI hardware and software technology used by more than 35,000 companies also improves education in more than 6,000 universities around the world.

Featured Content

Teaching Applications

From introduction to engineering through final year design, NI technology can add hands-on learning to any classroom or teaching laboratory.

Education Webcast Series

Explore the latest NI solutions for hands-on learning that engages students and reinforces theoretical concepts in engineering education.

Academic Research

Every day, researchers at academic institutions around the world use NI platforms to solve grand challenges in numerous application areas.

Additional Resources

Find additional information about how NI is delivering on the promise of improving engineering education through hands-on learning.