Teaching Circuits and Electronics

Give students the ability to move seamlessly from theory to simulation to experimentation in circuits and electronics.

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NI Expertise Overview

The NI teaching platform is an ecosystem of hardware, software, and courseware that gives students visibility into the inner workings of the systems they’re learning or building. For a deeper and more expansive understanding of circuitry and electronic devices, students need access to devices that take them from theory to simulation to experimentation faster. Suggested solutions include: -- Interactive components, virtual breadboarding, and hardware integration to quickly apply theory to real-world scenarios with Multisim SPICE simulation software -- Advanced instrumentation in the hands of every student with NI’s edition of Analog Discovery, a USB-powered, software-enabled, and multi-OS device ideal for electrical engineering courses and projects -- The NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) teaching and learning experience for analog, digital, and power electronics

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The NI Alliance Partner Network

The Alliance Partner Network includes more than 950 companies that specialize in complete solutions. From products and systems to integration, consulting, and training services, NI Alliance Partners are uniquely equipped and skilled to help solve some of the toughest engineering challenges.

Academic Courseware

Interactive Online Courseware for NI ELVIS

This interactive, mobile-friendly lab content is mapped to common circuits and electronics syllabus topics.