Companion Software for DAQ Hardware

DAQExpress™ is interactive software that helps you record, view, and explore your data.

Select the Right Hardware to Meet Your Application Needs

Choose from a wide selection of hardware, ranging from low-cost devices to high-performance modular systems that match your application requirements and budget.

Capture Accurate Data With High-Quality Hardware

Save time with quick access to all the measurements your NI DAQ device supports. Instantly access all the sensor types or outputs available.

Be Confident in Your Wiring and Connections

Directly access hardware manual and pinout information to document and verify your wiring connections.

Quickly Visualize and Analyze Signals

Instantly visualize measurement data and analyze signals interactively to make decisions.


Accurate Measurements to Smarter Decisions

Included with many NI DAQ products, DAQExpress allows you to quickly configure your measurement across multiple channels and instantly view, explore, and save data.

Key Benefits

Simplify Your Setup

Save time with quick, clear access to all the measurements your DAQ device supports as soon as you plug in.

Quickly Capture and Explore Data

Get instant access to the data you care about without having to spend time programming a system.

Confidently Make Decisions

Apply analysis to captured data with built-in interactive tools to rapidly make data-driven decisions.

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Shop by Measurement Type

Shop hardware that includes DAQExpress with purchase (excludes PXI and Single-Board RIO product models as well as PCI-7811/3 and USB-8451/2).

CompactDAQ USB Chassis

DAQExpress is included with your purchase of these USB CompactDAQ chassis, which provides the plug-and-play simplicity of USB to sensor and electrical measurements.

Students and Educators

DAQExpress is included with your purchase of the portable myDAQ device that gives students the ability to measure and analyze live signals anywhere, anytime.