Component and Subassembly V&V

As components and subassemblies become more complex, requirements for verification and validation and durability testing change rapidly. Testers must handle electrical and physical measurements, industrial communications, actuation, and device under test (DUT) control.

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Rigorous testing is critical for components and subassemblies used to build aircraft, space, and defense systems. You must characterize and test the durability of the DUT to ensure it meets specifications across all operating conditions. As these devices become more complex, you need more sophisticated testers to ensure they function as intended with all product systems, in the field, over the service life of the product. And as components and subsystems evolve over the course of a program, it can force disruptive, expensive, and unexpected tester retrofit and redesign to meet new requirements. NI offers a flexible approach to building test systems with a broad mix of I/O and an open platform for integrating third-party systems and communications protocols. With NI equipment, you can be confident that your tester can evolve along with new designs and test requirements.

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