How Do I Use LabVIEW NXG to Design a Wireless Communications System?

The LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite combines LabVIEW NXG with tools that are specifically created to help you rapidly develop, prototype, and deploy wireless communications systems with software defined radio (SDR) hardware.

See What You Can Do With LabVIEW NXG

LabVIEW Communications offers an intuitive graphical programming approach for you to program both processors and FPGAs. You can quickly map an idea from algorithm to FPGA and optimize it for performance using built-in estimation tools. You can rapidly develop deterministic and reliable systems in a single development environment with modifiable communications system reference designs or by reusing your own code created with VHDL.


Seamlessly Program Processors and FPGAs in One Environment 

Because LabVIEW Communications provides a unified development environment, you can use the graphical programming approach for both processors and FPGAs. There’s no need to learn FPGA-specific languages.

Rapidly Develop an Algorithm on an FPGA With Unique Built-In Tools

Along with NI SDR hardware, you can accelerate productivity with built-in tools that convert floating-point algorithms to fixed-point and let you write digital signal processing algorithms in a familiar and intuitive way.

Reduce Development Time by Integrating Third-Party Language Code

With LabVIEW Communications, you can seamlessly integrate code developed in third-party languages into the graphical programming environment. This integration allows you to rapidly develop over-the-air real-time prototypes without having to rewrite the code from scratch.

Jump-Start Your Application With Communications Reference Designs

LabVIEW Communications offers a variety of ready-to-run reference designs that provide a rich set of high-performance FPGA IP for prototyping real-time wireless communications systems. You can combine LabVIEW Communications with NI SDR hardware for a complete prototyping platform that helps you to get results faster.