Test Engineering Insights for Aerospace and Defense

You are evaluated on your ability to manage cost and risk, whether you’re working on your next program bid or serving as a portfolio manager for software engineers to support legacy testers. Explore best practices to manage business risk and ultimately create a sustainable market advantage by improving test engineering and operational support.


Gain a Competitive Edge Through Test

By giving your test team the ability to optimize for client needs, you can transform test from a roadblock into a competitive edge for your business.

Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership

Understand the cost drivers of your test organization to stay ahead of constantly shrinking budgets and schedules.

Use Total Cost of Ownership to Justify Test Investment

Test is much more than a technical exercise. It is a critical business function. Use total cost of ownership to fully characterize the importance of test when asking for budget and winning new business.

Manage Program Risk: COTS Versus Custom

Basing test systems on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology offloads burdensome part maintenance and obsolescence management, so you can use your expertise to produce state-of-the-art aerospace and defense assets instead of building custom test-rack components.

Drive Operational Performance With System and Data Management

Reduce the operational costs of aging automated test systems through distributed system and data management strategies.

Minimize Test System Maintenance Costs

Operations and maintenance make up most of the lifetime cost of a test set, so your engineering teams should plan to minimize them from the start.