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Sound and Vibration Input Module for SCXI

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Life Cycle Status: Mature | Last Orderable Date: 30/09/18

4-Channel Sound and Vibration Input Module for SCXI—The SCXI‑1530 is a signal conditioning module for integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE)‑compatible accelerometers and microphones. Each of the four input channels includes a programmable AC instrumentation amplifier, a 4-pole Bessel lowpass filter, and an excitation current source. The SCXI‑1530 offers simultaneous sampling to preserve interchannel phase relationships. It can multiplex its signals into a single channel of the DAQ device, and you can add modules to increase channel count. With random scanning capabilities, you select only the channels from which you want to acquire data. This module also offers parallel-mode operation for faster scanning rates and BNC connectors to simplify signal connection.

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