Power Quality Analysis

Voltage sags and swells, interruptions, harmonics, and high-frequency noise are issues associated with grid applications. Troubleshooting these problems requires instruments that can take accurate measurements and analysis of power quality.

NI Expertise Overview

The LabVIEW graphical development environment leads the way for developers of custom power quality analysis systems. LabVIEW helps developers create these solutions faster, with more adaptability and scalability built in. For a complete, ready-to-install solution, the Power Quality Analyzer features LabVIEW and the high-performance CompactRIO control system for monitoring power quality in a host of rugged environments.

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Using NI products, Nucor developed an automation system for a steel recycling facility that reduces the amount of energy consumed.
Use NI hardware and software to get the flexibility and reliability needed when monitoring and analyzing power quality.
NI provides a variety of hardware and software tools for measuring and monitoring power and power quality.

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