Communications and Navigation Systems Test

Modern communications and navigation systems are facing threats from ever-improving countermeasures. Engineers need flexible software and instrumentation systems to design new transponders to predict and adapt to complex signal types and threats.

NI Expertise Overview

Radio signals that deliver messages are facing an ever-increasing number of interfering elements in the world around us and threats from evolving electronic warfare systems. This creates challenges for military and aviation projects that need to send and receive clear signals. Today’s engineers rely on NI’s software-defined platform for communication system algorithm development, RF hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test, environment simulation, and transponder ATE. NI’s portfolio of PXI and software-defined communications instrumentation are ideal for monitoring interference signals and illegal transmitters in wireless environments. With user-programmable FPGAs and software tools for processing and analyzing signals more quickly, you can create communication pathways free from noise and other elements that jeopardize signal strength.

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Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Learn how you can use NI's software defined radio and PXI instrumentation to perform real-time spectrum analysis to capture infrequent and dynamic signals in design and test of communications systems.