Discover systems management software that enables the mass coordination of connected devices, software deployments, and data communications throughout a distributed system.

Systems Management Software

SystemLink provides centralized management capabilities for distributed test, measurement, and control solutions. An intuitive web application lets you manage a group of networked systems with functions that include software deployment, device configuration, and diagnostics. SystemLink also provides secure, scalable data services and LabVIEW APIs. Supported hardware includes PXI (Windows), CompactRIO (NI Linux Real-Time), and Windows PCs.


Device Management

Manage a collection of devices in the web application to track connection state, system settings, and calibration data. Perform system diagnostics.

Software Deployment

Mass deploy software to multiple devices simultaneously with component-level updates, dependency awareness, and version history.

Data Visualization

Aggregate systems data through LabVIEW APIs to visualize process information in custom web-based user interfaces and dashboards.

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