Leading researchers around the world rely on the NI platform to accelerate discovery in countless innovative applications.

Regardless if they’re capturing the measurements of a tornado or testing the integrity and collapse load of new bridge design, researchers need their tools to be productive, accurate and flexible. The research in the field or in the lab is only as reliable as the solutions used to gather it.

NI Expertise Overview

NI knows that engineers and scientists frequently rely on DAQ hardware and software to research a wide range of unknown characteristics through measurement and analysis. With NI solutions, you can accelerate innovation and discovery in a variety of applications. See how test cells are evolving by combining both mechanical and simulated components. Gain a firm hold over next-generation wireless systems, or test embedded systems for monitoring and control without the restriction of complex and expensive technologies. Research solutions are featured in many of NI's key industry areas, so the solutions you see here are a small sampling of what you can do. NI collaborates with researchers in many capacities, including product support services, grant programs, and paper or publication distribution. Contact your local NI representative to discuss your needs as a researcher at an academic institution.

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The NI Alliance Partner Network

The Alliance Partner Network includes more than 950 companies that specialize in complete solutions. From products and systems to integration, consulting, and training services, NI Alliance Partners are uniquely equipped and skilled to help solve some of the toughest engineering challenges.


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Give your team and students access to the software they need when they need it. Offered in a variety of types and sizes, NI Academic Site Licenses include the software, training, and services you need to accelerate discovery in and out of the classroom.