Condition Monitoring for Rail and Heavy Equipment

Remote job sites, harsh environments, and small reliability teams challenge equipment uptime. Online condition monitoring technologies help maintenance engineers find, diagnose, and prioritize problems from an entire fleet.

Prevent Equipment Failures in the Field

Heavy equipment is even more difficult to maintain when it’s halfway around the globe, moving, or both. Downtime means delays and possibly fines. It takes planning and logistics to get the right crew on-sight with the right measurement or repair equipment. From wheel bearings on rail cars to gearboxes on open-pit mining machinery, preventive maintenance software helps you avoid logistical stress and profit loss by putting the right data in the hands of the expert, all while preparing your business for the future of analytics, machine learning, and predictive maintenance. Are you ready for the new way forward?

Application Resource: InsightCM for Remote Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics help maintenance teams decide where to deploy valuable resources like subject matter experts, troubleshooting equipment, and spares.

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