Academic Research

Researchers and scientists are rapidly accelerating discovery at the pace of innovation using the NI platform for measurement, control and design.

Accelerate Discovery With the NI Platform

Researchers are driving time-critical, ambitious innovation while addressing grand engineering challenges in the broad areas of transportation, wireless communications, medicine, energy and climate change. Across each of these application areas, researchers need to easily acquire measurements, scale to complex multidisciplinary systems, and rapidly prototype a scalable solution. NI is central to accelerating researcher innovation by providing the technology and support to prototype systems, publish findings and secure funding.

The NI Platform Helps Researches Develop Solutions for the Future

Global Journal and Conference Papers

Researchers are documenting their successes by using the NI platform across application areas that include energy, biomedical engineering, and robotics. Browse through select papers from journals and conferences worldwide.

Grant Program for Academic Researchers

Deliver your innovative research to a broader community at conferences around the world. Apply for a travel grant by submitting a proposal that highlights your experimental research.