Remote Control Module for VXI

1-Slot MXI-2 Remote Control Module for VXI—The VXI-MXI-2 is a single-slot VXIbus extender. The VXI-MXI-2 bus interface for C-size modules conforms to the VXIbus Mainframe Extender Specification (VXI-6) from the VXIbus Consortium. You can install the VXI-MXI-2 in any slot of a VXIbus mainframe to extend the VXIbus architecture outside a VXIbus mainframe with the automatic, high-performance MXI-2 bus cable termination. With MXI-2 bus cables, the VXI-MXI-2 extends VXI to several mainframes as a single VXI system and offers transparent interrupts between mainframes.

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