How Do I Monitor Automated Tests With SystemLink™?

SystemLink offers an automated test module that reports test activity, including pass/fail status and test results, in real time.

SystemLink for Automated Tests

SystemLink provides a test sequence monitoring option that live reports test results in a web application. It also extends native integration to TestStand and an open API for integration with customer-specific test executives developed in the LabVIEW environment and other languages.


Monitor and Report Test Results

A centralized web application displays test execution details across a collection of networked test stations. You can access pass/fail status at the sequence and step level as well as attached test reports.

Integrate Natively With TestStand

You can track test sequence and step status with live reporting from TestStand-based applications that give access to pass/fail metrics per system and configuration of custom properties and metadata.

Create Custom Dashboards With Test Results

SystemLink publishes test results as tag data that is accessible to the Dashboard Builder, so you can create unique web interfaces to track and monitor test activity.