5G New Radio (NR) for Wireless Communications

Explore the leading perspectives and technology driving next-generation wireless communications systems and applications.

The Future of Wireless Communication

5G wireless will allow us to overcome the challenges that come with a more connected world. Gain insight from industry influencers on how the standards being defined will shape everything from healthcare and automation to autonomous vehicles and smart factories. Also see how leading wireless researchers from Nokia and universities such as NYU, Bristol, and Lund are approaching these challenges and adapting to the new 5G landscape.

Perspectives and NI Technology in 5G

Massive MIMO
mmWave Transceiver
Wireless Communications Research
SDR Hardware

Resource Guide

The Essential Resource Guide to 3GPP

Our complete guide provides an overview and update covering:


  • PHY and MAC layers addressed in RAN 1 and RAN 2M
  • ITU requirements
  • 5G commercialization and standards timelines
  • A look at 5G trial deployments and early nonstandard 5G releases

Featured Content

5G Wireless Using Massive MIMO
5G Wireless Using Massive MIMO