Streamline Your Embedded Design

Monetize Your Efforts

Focus on the core expertise of your business while leaving the foundational elements of your embedded design to us. Deliver innovation and competitive differentiation with less engineering expense, effort, and risk.

Use a True Platform Approach

Our integrated run-time software and development environments combined with high-quality hardware and global services and support can provide for the needs of your business and customers.

Customize for Your Application

Achieve custom capabilities without starting embedded design from the beginning. Use a prebuilt solution that is completely customizable through both software and hardware to meet your unique needs.

Use a Proven, Rugged Solution

NI products are designed, tested, and validated per stringent design practices, ensuring reliable operation in any environment. As a worldwide leader in test and measurement, we have verification and validation in our DNA.

Airbus Sees Massive Productivity Improvements With NI’s Approach

Sébastien Boria

"There is no comparison to the software integration offered by NI. We estimate that our time to deliver with the [CompactRIO System on Module] is a 10th of the time using alternative approaches because of the productivity gains of NI’s approach to system design."

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Build Embedded Control Systems Webcast Series

Learn the basics of building embedded control systems with a focus on common practical concepts. Presented by strategic NI Alliance Partners, each module references use cases and examples related to the fundamentals of embedded control systems.

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Development Tools for Embedded Designers

Today, traditional embedded software tools are fragmented. This forces developers to waste time stitching together integrated development environments, compilers, debuggers, trace tools, profilers, and other disparate pieces in their toolboxes. Learn how the NI approach solves this challenge.

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Design Smart Machines and Industrial Equipment the Right Way

Design superior embedded control and monitoring systems for industrial equipment and machinery faster through tightly integrated and customizable hardware, reuse of existing and built-in IP, and a vibrant ecosystem of users and tools.

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Introduction to Graphical FPGA Programming

The LabVIEW FPGA Module is the absolute best way to unlock the incredible advantages of FPGA—without any knowledge of hardware description languages or typical FPGA design workflows.

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Reduce Risk With Rugged, Reliable Systems

NI has invested thousands of person-years in this proven, validated, certified, and rugged hardware and software solution that tens of thousands of customers have deployed. Learn how you can reduce your risk with this proven solution.

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Explore Our Offering

With highly integrated software, a community of users and IP, extensive I/O, and a range of embedded controllers across a variety of form factors, a single solution can help you to meet the unique needs of any embedded application.

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Jump-Start Development With the Developer’s Guide

The CompactRIO Developer’s Guide provides an overview of recommended architectures and development practices when programming CompactRIO controllers. This guide features documentation and examples for designing embedded applications.

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Get started with ready-to-use hardware, extended trial software, and example IP.

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