Energy Control and Monitoring

Engineers and scientists around the world use the NI LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture to design advanced embedded systems that improve the way energy is generated, transferred, and consumed. The LabVIEW RIO architecture provides the ability to solve a variety of monitoring or control tasks within the electrical power, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries.

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Electrical Power

Engineers everywhere are using National Instruments embedded systems to create a smarter, higher quality electrical power grid; thereby, improving grid integration of renewable energy sources, implementation of automated analytics, advanced situation awareness, and overall energy efficiency.

Oil and Gas

Spanning upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, NI embedded systems are being used to improve the performance and efficiency of the most demanding oil and gas control and monitoring applications, from drilling and pump control to pipeline monitoring.

Renewable Energy

To address the increasing demand for reliable clean energy sources, engineers and scientists worldwide are using the NI integrated hardware and software platform to develop improved embedded systems for renewable energy applications such as online condition monitoring and grid integration control.

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