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Download Language: English

Product Line: VXI/VME/MXI

Version: 2.1

Release date: 11-01-2005

Software type: Driver

Operating system: Linux


National Instruments offers VXIpc-870 and PCI-MXI-2 support for LINUX. The driver is only available for purchase. Please contact your local National Instruments sales representative for more details and pricing information, including information on how you can receive the driver electronically.

More Information

Supported hardware

The following devices are supported for use with this download:

  • PCI-8320
  • PCI-MXI-2
  • PCI-MXI-2 Universal
  • PXI-8320
  • VMEpc-650
  • VXI-8340
  • VXIpc-650
  • VXIpc-740
  • VXIpc-770
  • VXIpc-850
  • VXIpc-860
  • VXIpc-870
  • VXIpc-870B

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