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Download Language: English

Product Line: VeriStand

Version: 2018

Release date: 08-17-2018

Software type: Addons

Operating system: Windows 10; Windows 8.1; Windows 7


Although VeriStand provides most of the general functionality required by a real-time testing application, NI has designed the environment so that it can be customized and extended when necessary to ensure it always meets your application requirements.

The Scan Engine and EtherCAT Add-On for VeriStand allows users to easily read scanned I/O from C series modules located in a CompactRIO or NI 914x EtherCAT chassis. The add-on also supports custom FPGA personalities to be used with a 914x chassis.

For a list of supported and unsupported Add-Ons for VeriStand, check out VeriStand Add-Ons. For assistance with the Scan Engine EtherCAT Add-On for VeriStand, please contact National Instruments Support at Note that National Instruments can only provide support for installations of these Add-Ons acquired from or NI Package Manager. National Instruments cannot provide support for Add-Ons downloaded from GitHub or other sources because we cannot account for any modifications made to the source code.

Installation Instructions

To install this feature, you must first install NI Package Manager. Once NI Package Manager has been installed, open this .nipkg file in NI Package Manager to proceed with installation.

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