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Download Language: English

Product Line: Serial

Version: 3.8

Release date: 08-23-2011

Software type: Driver

Operating system: Windows 7 32-bit; Windows 7 64-bit; Windows Vista 32-bit; Windows Vista 64-bit; Windows XP 32-bit; Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit; Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit


Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 3.8

Added support for cRIO-908x Controllers 

NI-Serial 3.8 adds support for the RS-485 port of the cRIO-908x controllers running Windows.

NI-Spy replaced by NI I/O Trace

NI-Spy has been replaced by NI I/O Trace. All functionality previously found in NI-Spy is now found in NI I/O Trace.

Changes impacting PCI, PCI Express, PXI, and PXI Express hardware:

  • Performance Optimizations for Small Transfers

    Several enhancements have been made to improve performance and decrease CPU overhead when performing small writes on all interfaces, and small reads on 843x series hardware.

  • ID 288089: Flow control may not disengage

    When using multiple forms of flow control simultaneously on a single port, it was possible for flow control to fail to disengage, preventing data transmission. This has been fixed.

  • ID 287461: Possible loss of data preceding serial error

    Several bytes of valid data could be discarded immediately prior to the reception of a serial error, such as a parity or overrun error. This valid data is now properly received prior to handling the error condition.

  • ID 219314: Incorrect timeout behavior

    The special case where the Timeout Byte Interval and Timeout Multiplier are both -1 was handled incorrectly, resulting in serial calls failing to time out. This was most easily seen when using NI-Serial from .NET applications. This issue has been fixed.

Supported hardware

The following devices are supported for use with this download:

  • 5B32
  • AT-232/2
  • AT-232/4
  • AT-232I/2
  • AT-232I/4
  • AT-485/2
  • AT-485/4
  • AT-485I/2
  • AT-485I/4
  • NI ExpressCard-8420/2
  • NI ExpressCard-8421/2
  • PCI-232/16
  • PCI-232/2
  • PCI-8430/16
  • PCI-8430/2
  • PCI-8430/4
  • PCI-8430/8
  • PCI-8431/2
  • PCI-8431/4
  • PCI-8431/8
  • PCI-8432/2
  • PCI-8432/4
  • PCI-8433/2
  • PCI-8433/4
  • PXI-8420/16
  • PXI-8420/2
  • PXI-8420/4
  • PXI-8420/8
  • PXI-8421/2
  • PXI-8421/4
  • PXI-8422/2
  • PXI-8422/4
  • PXI-8423/2
  • PXI-8423/4
  • PXI-8430/16
  • PXI-8430/2
  • PXI-8430/4
  • PXI-8430/8
  • PXI-8431/2
  • PXI-8431/4
  • PXI-8431/8
  • PXI-8432/2
  • PXI-8432/4
  • PXI-8433/2
  • PXI-8433/4
  • USB-232
  • USB-232/2
  • USB-232/4
  • USB-485
  • USB-485/2
  • USB-485/4

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