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Product Line: Circuit Design Suite

Version: 12.0

Release date: 02-16-2012

Software type: Application Software

Operating system: Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP 32-bit


NI Circuit Design Suite 12.0, which includes the familiar NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard products, is both a software upgrade for current SSP members that are using version 11.0.x and a full installation for new users of the software.

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This new release brings with it a long list of new features and quality improvements. The following list is a summary of the what's included:

  • LabVIEW-Multisim co-simulation
  • Multisim snippets
  • Upgrades to Microchip software
  • More versions of Xilinx tools supported
  • Database improvements
  • Improvements to interface and property editing for generic diodes, transistors and FETs
  • Digital signal analysis
  • Improved text handling in Multisim
  • Ability to load last file on Multisim startup
  • Buses and connectors added to sheet properties color scheme
  • Ability to configure pin and gate swapping added to Multisim
  • Display of net/component attributes in status bar
  • Thumbnails
  • Improvements to DXF import
  • Improvements to Parts Position tab
  • Improved shortcut for toggling layers
  • Layers tab is default on Ultiboard startup
  • Force vectors off on Ultiboard startup
  • Improvements to polygon functionality in Ultiboard
  • Connectivity check and warn on single pins
  • Amalgamation of component help into Multisim Help
  • 105 bug fixes (see Readme for more details)

For information on how to install it, or how to obtain it, keep reading the following sections.

Installation Instructions

In order to be eligible for this release through Update Service, you must have a valid SSP contract and a 11.0.x version. This is a new major release and it will install side-by-side with your current 11.0.x version, it will not uninstall or update your 11.0.x installation. Owners of purchased software after the time of release will receive 12.0 in their shipment. You can also download the software from the evaluation URL and activate using your version 12.0 serial number.

You do not need to uninstall your current software, this update will install side-by-side to all 11.0.x versions.

Education Editions include: Education and Student, however Student editions are not eligible for SSP, only new purchases of Student edition will receive the 12.0 version.

If you currently have an active SSP account, you can have the NI Update Service automatically upgrade your software. To access the NI Update Service, in Windows go to: Start»Programs»National Instruments»NI Update Service and click Check for Updates. Follow the instructions in the screen.

After the update has been applied, you will still see your current 11.0.x installation, and also the new 12.0 installation. You can launch 12.0 and verify its version, the Help»About Multisim (or Ultiboard) dialog should read Version 12.0 (12.0.653), this means that your software is current up to version

If you want to install this software for evaluation purposes, follow the link to the evaluation download located at the beginning of this document.

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