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Download Language: English; German; Japanese

Product Line: Circuit Design Suite

Version: 12.0.1

Release date: 09-12-2012

Software type: Other

Operating system: Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP 32-bit


These License Files are installed by default when you install the NI Circuit Design Suite 12.0.1 package. You do not need to download these files if you have followed normal installation procedures.

These License Files are used to activate Circuit Design Suite features (i.e. Multisim, Ultiboard). It will first enable a 30-day evaluation period, when this period expires you need to activate the software with a valid serial number.


  • Multisim Educational:
  • Multisim Student:
  • Ultiboard Educational:
  • Ultiboard Student:

Installation Instructions

Depending on the NI Circuit Design Suite 12.0.1 edition that you installed (Education or Student) download the appropriate license files as referred in the Features sections (see above).

Education Editions include: Education and Student.

  1. Download and save the License File to:
    C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\License Manager\Licenses
  2. Start Multisim or Ultiboard

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