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Product Line: Circuit Design Suite

Version: 10.1.1

Release date: 02-01-2009

Software type: Application Software

Operating system: Windows Vista; Windows Vista 64-bit; Windows XP; Windows 2000


NI Circuit Design Suite 10.1.1, which includes the familiar NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard products, is both a software update for current SSP owners of a version 10.1 (or and a full installation for new users of the software. Learn more about our Software Maintenance Programs.

This new update brings with it not only bug fixes, but also new components and new features requested by our users. The following list is a summary of the features included:

  • Toolbars in Multisim and Ultiboard can be locked in place.
  • Multisim’s component search is always advanced.
  • Ability to choose units for RLC components.
  • Multisim instruments and grapher allow default black or white background.
  • Multisim does not automatically rewire large pin-count components.
  • Improved parameter support for semiconductor devices.
  • Added support for Cadence® PSpice® temperature parameters.
  • Improvements to SPICE DC convergence algorithms.
  • New components from leading manufacturers. 316 new and 232 updated components in Multisim from Analog Devices and National Semiconductor, and 35 new land patterns in Ultiboard for National Semiconductor packages.
  • Add All and Remove All functions added to Ultiboard’s Group Editor.
  • Custom land patterns in Ultiboard automatically synchronize to Multisim.
  • Renumbering footprints in Ultiboard includes top-to-bottom setting.
  • Snap-to-pin in Ultiboard is only active during trace placement.
  • Improvements to Ultiboard’s Gerber viewer.
  • 101 bug fixes (check the Readme file for a list of defects).
For information on how to install it, or how to obtain it, keep reading the following sections.

Installation Instructions

In order to be eligible for this update, you must have a valid SSP contract and a 10.1 or a version. This is a cumulative update so 10.1 users need not to update to before applying this update. This update will bring 10.1 and users alike up to version 10.1.1. Owners of a recently purchased software by the time of release will receive 10.1.1 in their shipment.

You do not need to uninstall 10.1 or, this update will install on top of those versions. Also, this update cannot be installed side-by-side with 10.1 or, meaning, it will update those versions, you cannot have those versions co-existing in the same installation directory.

If you currently have an active SSP account, you can have the NI Update Service automatically update your software. To access the NI Update Service, in Windows go to: Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI Update Service and click Check for Updates. Follow the instructions in the screen.

After the update has been applied, the Help»About Multisim (or Ultiboard) dialog should read Version 10.1.1 (10.1.372).

If you want to install this software for evaluation purposes, follow the link to the evaluation download located at the beginning of this document.

Users who just bought Multisim or Ultiboard at the time of this release will receive the new 10.1.1 edition, there will be no need to download this update.

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