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Download Language: English

Product Line: Motion Control

Version: 6.10

Release date: 07-27-2010

Software type: Application Software

Operating system: Windows 7; Windows 7 32-bit; Windows XP; Windows 2000


Note: There is a new version of Motioneering available here. The new version contains hundreds more drive and motor choices.

Motioneering is a application by Kollmorgen which allows users to size motors for motion control applications. This application allows users to select from a number of mechanical motion platforms and analyze the profile response of selected motors to confirm that they meet requirements prior to purchasing.

Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing Motioneering v6.1.0 NI on systems with an earlier copy already installed:

a) Any projects you have saved in your existing version of Motioneering NI are stored in the file <National Instruments>\Motioneering NI\mech.mdb. If you have saved projects, copy this file to your desktop or any other folder for temporary storage so it will not be lost during uninstall.

b) Uninstall the existing version of Motioneering NI by opening folder <National Instruments>\Motioneering NI and double-clicking UNWISE.EXE. After the automated uninstall is finished, delete the Motioneering Folder.

c) Run maesetup610NI.EXE by double-clicking on it (it makes no difference what folder it is in) and following the prompts. When setup is finished, you may delete maesetup610NI.EXE from your system.

d) Copy the file mech.mdb from it's temporary holding place back into <National Instruments>\Motioneering NI\, overwriting the new one just installed with Motioneering 6.1.0 NI. Installation is complete.

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