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New Features

Last Modified: November 7, 2019

Refer to the list below to learn what's new in SystemLink 19.6.

Asset Management

  • Customized reports—Group the results for asset management reports by asset attribute or property.
  • Asset utilization management on clients—Automatically start, disable, or end logging asset utilization information on a client system.
  • Improved third-party support—Log asset utilization for third-party assets.
  • Asset Management .NET API—Manage and communicate asset information relating to your systems and tests.


  • New dashboard tiles—Select table or markdown tiles to visualize data on dashboards.
  • Updated graph tile—Query tags to bind to graph tiles.
  • System filtering—Enable the system filter to quickly switch between systems you want to visualize.
  • Asset and systems support—Bind asset, system, and job queries as data sources to tiles.
  • Updated notebook support—Expanded binding support for notebooks and the ability to return multiple values for a single notebook.

G API Reference

Use SystemLink APIs in LabVIEW or LabVIEW NXG to share data between your client systems and SystemLink Server. The following data services are new to the G API for SystemLink 19.6:
Product API

Test Monitoring

  • Automatic asset utilization logging—Log utilization information about test system assets on the client when TestStand runs tests.
  • Metrics table in the parametric data view—Add metrics, such as mean, min, and max, to the graph as plots.
  • Expanded parametric data view—Customize the x-axis and data grouping of parametric data.
  • Sweeps—Improved support for viewing parametric data sweeps.
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) report—Generate reports and add them to dashboards to visualize the productivity of your test and measurement systems.

Systems Management

  • Systems Management dashboard—See high-level system insights at a glance.
  • Updated system details view—Manage system information and settings to keep your systems healthy and running.
  • Update RT distributions—Update RT targets to newer versions of LabVIEW without formatting them in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer.
  • Progress updates on clients—Visualize progress information on a client when software installations and state applications occur.
  • Pending jobs notifications on clients—Receive notifications on clients to when a job is running so you know when to lock or unlock the system.

SystemLink TDM

  • New sidebar—Navigate better through apps.
  • New dashboards—Get key statistics about instances.

Data Indexing

  • New DataFinder instance "FileIndex"—Search data in the SystemLink file ingestion service.

Data Navigation

  • Custom properties—Display and highlight non-optimized custom properties in the Properties Display.
  • Results list—Show default content in search results.
  • Metadata—Add and edit metadata of SystemLink file service files.
  • File Service—Upload files to SystemLink File Service.

Analysis Automation

  • Analysis automation procedures—Create analysis automation procedures using the new HTTP API.

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