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Creating a Package of Your Web Application in LabVIEW NXG Web Module

    Last Modified: May 30, 2019

    Build a package (.nipkg) of your web application to host it on SystemLink Cloud.

    Before you build a package ( .nipkg) of your web application, you must complete the following tasks:
    • Create a web application you want to host on SystemLink Cloud.
    • Remove the API key from the panel and the diagram to maximize the security of your web application. Refer to the Hosting Authentication Credentials Securely section of Security in NI Web Technology for more information.
    1. Click File»New»Package/Installer. The Package document opens in the project.
    2. Drag your web application from the Project Files tab to the Files section. You can include applications and other support files. The Package document automatically calculates the package dependencies that your application requires.
    3. Optional: Click Select Hardware Configuration to select the hardware configuration settings your application requires.
    4. Review the contents of the Package Dependencies section, which displays package dependencies your application requires. You can include additional dependencies by clicking Dependencies and selecting packages under Add Dependencies.
    5. In the Information section, confirm that the Package document filled the text boxes with information you want. The Package document automatically gathers information from the project and your NI User Account to complete the Information section. The values in the text boxes become metadata in the package. NI Package Manager reads the metadata of packages to sort them and display information about them to users.
    6. On the Document tab, select Web Server as the Build target.
    7. Select Package as the Output type.
    8. Click File»Save all.
    9. Click Build. The Build Queue tab shows the status of the build process.

    Click Locate directory in Windows Explorer to locate the package (.nipkg) in the output directory. After you locate your package, host it on SystemLink Cloud.

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