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PXIe-5693 Front Panel and LEDs

    Last Modified: December 14, 2017

    Table 1. Connector Descriptions
    Connector Use
    RF IN Connects to the analog RF input signal to be measured by the PXIe-5693.
    RF OUT Outputs the preselector processed RF signal.

    Connects to the custom external filter output connector.

    Receives an external preselector filter signal in the 20 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range.


    Connects to the custom external filter input connector.

    This connector is the output terminal for an external preselector filter in the 20 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range.

    Table 2. LED Indicators
    LED Indications

    Indicates the basic hardware status of the module.

    OFF—The module is not yet functional, or the module has detected a problem with a power rail.

    AMBER—The module is being accessed. Accessed means that the device setup registers are being written to in order to control the device.

    GREEN—The module is ready to be programmed by NI-RFSA.


    Indicates the module state.

    OFF—The module is in a quiescent state.

    AMBER—The module is waiting for a Reconfiguration Trigger from the configuration list.

    GREEN—The module is triggered and is running a step from the configuration list.

    RED—The module has detected an error state. An error state may indicate the module has exceeded approved operating temperature and thermal shutdown has occurred or that the module has detected a power supply failure. If the power supply fails, contact NI technical support.

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