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Onboard Clock

    Last Modified: November 24, 2014

    ADC clock frequency

    250 MHz

    Real-time sample rate range[1]

    3.815 kS/s to 250 MS/s

    Sample Clock jitter, typical

    400 fs RMS[2]

    ADC clock accuracy

    Phase-locked to onboard clock

    ±25.0 ppm

    Phase-locked to external clock

    Equal to the external clock accuracy

    • 1 Divide by n decimation from 250 MS/s. For more information about the Sample Clock and decimation, refer to the NI Reconfigurable Oscilloscopes Help at
    • 2 Integrated from 100 Hz to 10 MHz. Includes the effects of the converter aperture uncertainty and the clock circuitry jitter.

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