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XNET Database Merge (XNET Database Merge (Cluster)) (G Dataflow)

    Last Modified: February 22, 2017

    Merges all objects of the source cluster into the target cluster.


    wait for complete?

    An input used to split the merging process into parts (for example, to display a progress bar).


    target cluster in

    The I/O name of the cluster where the source cluster is merged.


    source cluster

    The I/O name of the cluster to be merged into the target cluster.


    copy mode

    An input that defines the merging behavior if the target cluster already contains elements with the same name.



    An input added to the source cluster name if an element with the same name exists in the target cluster.


    error in

    Error conditions that occur before this node runs. The node responds to this input according to standard error behavior.

    Default: No error


    percent complete

    An output used when wait for complete? is false.


    target cluster out

    A copy of target cluster in. You can use this output to wire the node to subsequent nodes.


    error out

    Error information. The node produces this output according to standard error behavior.


    This node merges all objects contained in the source cluster into the target cluster.

    The following nodes merge the objects with dependent-child objects:

    • XNET Database Merge (Frame)
    • XNET Database Merge (PDU)
    • XNET Database Merge (ECU)
    • XNET Database Merge (LIN Schedule)

    Copy mode and prefix are passed to the appropriate node for the merging process.

    If the copy mode is set to Copy using source or Merge using source, all cluster properties including the name are copied from the source to the target cluster.

    Depending on the number of contained objects in the source and destination clusters, the execution can take longer. If wait for complete? is true, this node waits until the merging process gets completed. If the execution completes without errors, percent complete returns 100. If wait for complete? is false, the function returns quickly and percent complete returns values less than 100. You must call XNET Database Merge repeatedly until percent complete returns 100. You can use the time between calls to update a progress bar.

    Where This Node Can Run:

    Desktop OS: Windows

    FPGA: Supported

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