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System Calibration Utility

    Last Modified: May 17, 2017

    The system calibration utility is included in the NI mmWave Reference Project. This utility calibrates the system by measuring in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) impairments for each channel. To use this utility, the mmWave Transceiver System must be configured as a transceiver or a receiver.

    Table 1. Devices Calibrated in Configuration Modes
    Mode Devices Calibrated
    Receiver Receiver
    Transceiver Receiver and transmitter
    Transmitter None

    Warm up the mmWave Transceiver System before using the system calibration utility. To warm up the mmWave Transceiver System, use the NI mmWave Reference Project to run the mmWave Transceiver System for 20 minutes so that the system reaches a steady-state temperature.

    You must recalibrate the system if you exchange any of the following components:

    • PXIe-3610 Waveform Generator
    • PXIe-3620 RF Upconverter and Downconverter Module
    • PXIe-3630 Digitizer
    • MMPX(m)-to-MMPX(m) cables

    The measured I/Q impairments are stored on the PXIe-3620 module.

    When using the reference FPGA design and host code provided by the NI mmWave Reference Project, the measured I/Q impairments are retrieved from the device by Open VI and used by the Configure VI to correct the system.

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