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Fast mmWave Port Switching

Last Modified: May 17, 2017

You can configure the mmRH-3602 mmWave Radio Head to route mmWave signals to and/or from one of the following two mmRH-3602 radio head antenna ports: TX1/RX1 and RX2.

Use the NI mmWave Reference Project and the Configure mmWave Port VI for general configuration of the mmRH-3602 radio head. If you require <2 μs port reconfiguration, you can configure the mmRH-3602 radio head to monitor a PXI trigger line and switch between the two port states on a trigger state change.

To learn more about using the fast mmWave port switching feature, open the NI mmWave Reference Project at <NIDIR>/LabVIEW 2015/examples/instr/niMmWave/niMmWave Reference Project.lvproj and select the Gain Ranging Example VI from the Project Explorer window.

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