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License Management and NI Software Products

Last Modified: August 8, 2018

License management is the process of controlling access to software based on an explicit license agreement. Certain National Instruments software products and third-party executables require an activated license in order to execute.

You must acquire and activate a license before you can use a product in full-featured mode.

The license activation process uses the NI Licensing Wizard to send the following information to National Instruments:
  • Your NI User Account
  • The product you are activating
  • The version of the product
  • The serial number of the product
  • A Computer ID that uniquely identifies your computer

National Instruments uses this information to generate an activation code. This code is used to activate the product on your system and to turn on service entitlements such as the NI Software Service Program.

You can use NI Licensing Wizard to obtain an activation code from National Instruments in several ways, including automatically through an Internet connection, using a web browser, or telephone. Online activation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit and enter the Info Code nilmoptionsEng for the latest information regarding activation and license management.

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