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Using the Soft Front Panels

Last Modified: May 17, 2019

This topic provides an example of using the Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator (FGen/Arb) and the Oscilloscope to generate and display a waveform.

  1. Connect a BNC - BNC cable between the Oscilloscope CH 1 and the Function Generator CH 1 BNC connectors on the NI ELVIS III as shown in the following diagram:
  2. Select Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator from the Instruments tab in Measurements Live.
  3. On the FGen/Arb SFP, configure Channel 1 as follows:
    Setting Value
    Channel 1 Static
    Waveform Sine
    Frequency 100 Hz
    Amplitude 2 Vpp
    DC Offset 0 V
  4. Click Run to start the FGen/Arb.
  5. In Measurements Live, select the Oscilloscope SFP from the Instruments tab.
  6. On the Oscilloscope SFP, configure the Oscilloscope as follows. The layout of the settings may vary depending on the device from which you launch the SFP. Some settings are hidden by default. Click the expand arrow to access hidden settings.
    Setting Value
    Time/div 5 ms
    Channel 1 On
    Volts/div 1 V
    Probe attenuation 1x
    Coupling DC
    Vertical offset 0 V
  7. Click Run to start the Oscilloscope. You should see a 100 Hz sine wave on the Oscilloscope display. Adjust the settings of the FGen/Arb and observe the changes of the waveform on the Oscilloscope display.

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