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Bus Settings (Pattern Generator)

Last Modified: December 14, 2018

You can use the Buses tab to add, remove, and configure buses for the pattern generator. Access the Buses tab by clicking the icon in the Pattern Generator section and selecting Buses.

Setting Description
Status Enables or disables signal generation on the bus lines.
Name Name of the line.
Mode Type of the output signal. When Mode is Custom, the Pattern Generator generates the signal defined in the data file(s) you import.
Bus lines Table in which you can add or remove lines, and define the name and source file for each line. The instrument accepts TDMS files only, and the files must contain digital waveform data only. You can load TDMS files from LabVIEW.

If the data files contain more than one channel, the instrument loads the first channel only. If you want to generate data on multiple channels, you need to load a separate data file for each channel.

Update rate Number of samples that the instrument generates per second.

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