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Toolbar Controls (Oscilloscope)

Last Modified: May 14, 2018

Use the toolbar controls to perform basic tasks for the Oscilloscope.

Control Icon Description
Automatic/Default When you select Automatic, the instrument automatically chooses some settings, including channel and trigger settings, that are best suited to the input signal. When you select Default, the settings fall back to default values.
Run/Stop Click Run to start continuous data acquisition. Click Stop to stop data acquisition. To take a single-sweep measurement, click Single instead.
Single Takes a single-sweep measurement.
Status Indicates the status of the Oscilloscope.
  • Waiting—The instrument is waiting for trigger.
  • Triggered—The instrument is triggered.
  • Completed—The instrument completes one acquisition.
  • Stopped—The instrument is stopped.
Screenshot Takes a snapshot of the graph.
Export Exports acquired data to file formats compatible with Multisim or LabVIEW. You can also use the exported data as a reference channel for the Oscilloscope. When you export the data to Multisim, the Oscilloscope generates a CSV file; when you export the data to LabVIEW, the Oscilloscope generates a TDMS file. Refer to TDMS File Format (Oscilloscope) for more information about the exported TDMS file format.
Help Contains links to related help documentation.
Collapse/Expand Collapses or expands the configuration pane on the right side of the panel.

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