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Analog Output Specifications

    Last Modified: May 14, 2018

    Number of channels

    4, capable of independent operation

    DAC Resolution

    16 bits

    Output range

    ±10 V

    Maximum update rate

    1.6 MS/s

    Slew rate (100 pF load)

    8.2 V/μs

    Table 1. Analog Output Accuracy
    Measurement Conditions Percent of Reading (Gain Error) Percent of Range (Offset Error)
    Typical (25 °C ± 5 °C) 0.089% 0.029%
    Maximum (10 °C to 35 °C) 0.430% 0.100%

    Current drive

    4 mA/channel maximum

    Capacitive drive

    3.3 nF

    Output impedance

    0.5 Ω


    Short-circuit to ground

    Power-on state[1]

    0 V

    • 1 In the default configuration, the analog output will power on at a calibrated 0 V. There may be short glitches on the output during the power-on sequence.

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