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Central Build Area

    Last Modified: May 14, 2018

    The large central build area features four replaceable solderless breadboards ideal for assembling analog and digital circuitry. When removed, these solderless breadboards expose mounting holes allowing for other prototyping components to be securely mounted to the prototyping board. Smaller prototyping components may fit in the space of a single replaceable breadboard, while others may use the entire build area. The hole patterns support standard accessories such as the Mechanical Prototyping Add-on for constructing mechatronics systems. You can directly mount products such as the myRIO-1950 to enable the rapid development and validation of embedded systems. Dimensions for the hole locations and sizes are provided to enable the creation of custom accessories.

    Figure 1. Solderless Breadboard Mounting Holes
    Figure 2. Prototyping Components Mounting Holes

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