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Naming Channels, Tasks, and Scales

Last Modified: January 31, 2020

Use the following guidelines to name your channels, tasks, and scales:
  • Use any alphanumeric characters.
  • Do not use nonalphanumeric characters with the following exceptions:
    • In NI-DAQmx 7.4 or later, dashes are allowed in channel, task, and scale names.
    • Spaces are allowed.
    • You can use underscores within the channel, task, or scale name, but you cannot use leading underscores, such as _Dev1.

    You can use other nonalphanumeric characters when creating channels, tasks, and scales, but exporting that configuration to another system might not work correctly, especially if the operating system is in a different language.

  • You must use no more than 256 characters.

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